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We get to the root cause of your problems, and don't just treat the symptoms.

Over 16 years of experience and continued training from some of the Worlds leading schools and figure heads ensures we have what it takes to help you.

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Quick and Effective

Our specialist services and bespoke approach helps us get to the root cause of your problems both quickly and effectively.

Every one we see has a unique story and issue therefore it's only right we tailor every session accordingly.

We offer expert pain relief and rehabilitation for all aches, pains, and injuries regardless of the cause.

You don't need to be an elite athlete to come and see us, but rest assured you are in the same safe hands where elite athletes put their trust!

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Outside The Box

Our unique approach combines both cutting edge modern research with traditional Eastern medicine which means we view your body in a 360° view.

We have all the training and equipment needed to help aid everyone. The difference is, we don't simply use all of it to dazzle you and hope something works!

We think outside the box.

Meet Your Therapist

Owner & Lead Therapist

Philip Wheeler

Philip Wheeler

Philip is the founder and owner of PW Therapy and has over 16 years of experience helping people in the health & wellness sector. Philip initially started life as a professional chef having studied 3 years at the world-famous Westminster College in Vincent Square. From the age of 8 Philip was training 6 days a week in martial arts, and by the age of 19 had his full adult black belt, 2 national titles, and numerous local titles. Philip wanted to take his training to the next level, and despite working split shifts for Albert Roux in London he managed to complete a diploma in nutrition. Fast forward some years, Philip found himself working full time as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in the heart of London after completing his advanced training with Premier Global NASM. His clients would get master classes in nutrition, cooking lessons in their own homes, and Eastern inspired training sessions. Over the years Philip has coached and helped fix many TV personalities, celebrities, and athletes with his personal favourite being Damien Lewis in preparation for season 2 of Homeland. Philip offers a wide range of Sports Therapy, Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture, and Holistic Treatments to his loyal following of clients ensuring they stay injury free, fit and healthy. He stays up to date with new research and findings declaring he attends a minimum of 4 courses per year as he believes you can never know enough, and no one knows everything. Philip is a proud member of The Total Therapy Association where he studies under arguably the world’s leading authority in acupuncture Chris Davies and Michelle Bebbington who many say is the leading the way with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK. ‘Helping others with their aches, pains, problems, and overall health is not a job you can take lightly. Constant training and levelling up is a key part in my own personal development and ensures I never stagnate. I will always continue attending courses as learning and helping others is my passion’. – Philip

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