Our team employ an extremely unique and rare diagnosis method using pattern and symptom differentiations, combined with detailed medical history and observations to ensure the correct etiological and pathological factors are identified, thus subsequently treated correctly.

We use a combination of Acupuncture and Manual Therapies including Osteopathic Joint Manipulations, combined with Nutrition Therapy and Emotional Counselling to ensure we have all aspects of the mind and body covered.

Quick and Effective

Our bespoke and thorough diagnostics ensure we get to the root cause of your problems both quickly and effectively, therefore saving you time, pain, and money.

You don't need to be an elite athlete to come and see us, but rest assured you are in the same safe hands where elite athletes put their trust!

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Philip put a name to pain that has blighted me for the last few years and did so during our first appointment. - The NHS, in five years of investigations, has just come up with stronger painkillers but been unable to give a diagnosis or treatment plan. Needless to say I am impressed with Phillip! Professional, knowledgeable, and caring - with the all important sense of humour. Thank you Phillip!

Sharon Cook Yuzzamatuzz

6th March 2019

Meet Your Therapists

Only the best therapists get to work with us!

Philip - Lead Therapist

Philip - Lead Therapist

Philip Wheeler MAcS CP, MBAF, MTTA

Philip is extensively qualified in Acupuncture, Sports Therapy & Sports Medicine, Clinical & Remedial Massage, Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, and Physical Fitness.

He specialises in helping people who have long term medical conditions, illnesses, and pain, and his success with organ health and regeneration of damaged tissue is what brings him patients from all over the country.

Always looking to learn and improve his knowledge, Philip is currently in further education studying Traditional & Ancient Chinese Medicine, as well as training to become an Emotional Therapy Counsellor.
Over the years he has helped thousands of people overcome their issues and conditions by finding the initial causes, rather than simply focusing on the symptoms. His fusion of Eastern-Western Medical Integration & philosophies is what sets him apart from other specialists.

‘It’s like going to the Physio, Osteopath, GPs, and getting a massage all at the same time!’ -: Paul Moffat - Barnet, London.

He currently studies under arguably the world’s leading authority in acupuncture Chris Davies CEO British Acupuncture Federation (BAF), along with Michelle Bebbington Head Examiner at Total Therapy Training who many say is the leading the way with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK.
Philip has also studied with John Gibbons, Tim Paine, Paul Chek, and Dr Gary Mendoza just to name a few.
Philip’s list of World leading educators, combined with his determination and genuine love of what he does means you always leave his clinic feeling happy, calm, and in a better place than when you first walked in.

Philip’s love for all things Eastern started at the age of 8 when his Grandad signed him up for martial arts classes. By the age of 19, after enduring 11 years of hard training, he had his full adult black belt, 2 national titles, and numerous local titles. What Philip didn’t realise as a child was, he was not only learning to defend himself but also fix himself and others via pressure points, Gua Sha & Cupping, herbs, and Japanese healing.
Philip has now been doing martial arts for 28 years and is training in the art of Brazilian Jitsu under World Champion David Onuma and has his eyes set on 2021s European championships in Barcelona.

Philip’s career initially started as a professional chef having studied 3 years at Westminster College in Vincent Square. Philip went on to work for a host of well-known chefs including Albert Roux and Gary Clainer. One of his top highlights as a chef was cooking for the Prince’s William and Harry at the Brasserie Roux.
Still working as a chef, and competing in martial arts, Philip wanted to do a diploma in nutrition with the simple aim of improving his own physical ability. One thing led to another and he found himself working as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in the heart of London after completing his advanced training with Premier Global NASM. His clients would get master classes in nutrition, cooking lessons, Eastern inspired fitness sessions, and meditation.
Philip very quickly became a sort after trainer, and he attracted many TV personalities, celebrities, and athletes with his personal favourite being British actor Damien Lewis who came to him in preparation for the award-winning American drama Homeland.

‘Helping people is what I’ve always wanted to do even from a young age. I do not believe what I do is a real job, as it’s fun! The bigger the challenge the more excited I get!’ -: Philip Wheeler.


TCM Acupuncture Diploma
Accelerated Tendon Healing Certificate
Dry Needling Certificate
Medical Acupuncture Certificate
Auricular acupuncture Certificate
Battlefield Acupuncture Certificate
Addiction & Detoxification Acupuncture Certificate
Back and Cautionary Needling Certificate
Chinese Blood Letting Certificate
Chinese Plum Blossom Hammer Certificate
Electro Acupuncture Certificate

Medical & Health
Diploma in Nursing Studies and Patient Care
Certificate in Nursing Studies - Physical Examinations
Certificate in Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy
Diploma Human Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma Health and Safety
Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate
Diploma Food Hygiene

Chinese and Japanese Therapies
Diploma Cupping and Moxibustion
Advance Chinese Medical Cupping Certificate
Gua Sha Therapy Certificate

Diet and Nutrition
Certificate in Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy
AFN Nutrition Consultant
Human Health – Diet and Nutrition Certificate
Professional Chef Diploma (L3 Westminster)
Advance Principles of Nutrition Certificate
Nutri Advance Practitioner Certification
Eastern and Western Diet Concepts Certificate

Manual Therapies
Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
Sports Massage Therapy Certificate
International Massage Diploma
Advance Kinesiology Taping Certificate
Diploma Reflexology
Diploma Eastern and Indian Head Massage
Diploma Swedish Massage
Diploma Lomi Lomi Massage
Diploma Hot Stone Massage
Diploma Thai Foot Massage
Diploma Pregnancy Massage
Diploma Medical Massage
Diploma Aromatherapy

Energy Therapies
Intuitive Energy Healer Certified
Angel Reiki Certificate
Usui Reiki Certificate

Personal Training & Fitness
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Coach & Gym Instructor Certificate
PTA Global Bridging Course Certified
Physical Education Principles for Vulnerable People Certified
Personal Health and Fitness for Children Certified
Power Plate Instructor Certified
Advanced Kettlebell Instructor Certified
ViPR Certified
Advance TRX Instructor & Teacher Certified
Wattbike Certified

Aesthetics and Cosmetic Therapies
Facial Cupping Certified
Facial Gua Sha Certified
MediK8 Trained by Total Aesthetics

Chinese Medicine for Mental Health Certificate

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