Tiny Acupuncture Needles!

By Philip Wheeler

Look how many acupuncture needles fit INSIDE THE HOLE of an 18 & 21 gauge hypodermic needle!
Many people come to us saying they are afraid of acupuncture because they think it’s going to hurt. But when we show them the size of the tiny needles they soon relax.
We have managed to get 20 acupuncture needles INSIDE our 18 gauge hypodermic needle and 7 inside our 21 gauge. These are the kind of needles used to take blood and administer substances in hospitals and doctor surgeries.
So as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!
Tiny Acupuncture Needles 2

20 tiny acupuncture needles inserted into 1 normal hypodermic needle!

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