Clinic Re-Opening Update – Covid 19

By Philip Wheeler

As a medical facility, PW Therapy have been included in the phase 1 ‘back to work’ re-opening roll-out group.

However, as many of you have been informing us, other phase 1 businesses in the area have already returned to work and have been open for many weeks now.

As the company owner I took the decision not to rush back at first opportunity given. Instead I weighed up the options and advice provided to me by the Government, The World Health Organisation, my Professional Awarding Bodies, and Insurers to guarantee we provide only the safest and most streamlined service possible.

Having attended an online seminar on Saturday 30th May 2020, hosted by Chris Davies the CEO of The British Acupuncture Federation on behalf of Total Therapy Association, I am now confident PW Therapy has all the required knowledge and understanding to operate a reduced service both safely and effectively, but most important ethically.

For us to open safely as outlined above, and in accordance to the government regulations and awarding body procedures, we are going to need to implement many changes. Each time a client/patient wishes to book in we need to ask ourselves ‘are we able to take all reasonable personal precautions necessary to avoid any potential health risks to colleagues, people receiving care and the public’.

For this to happen we will need to omit services and treatments deemed as ‘non-essential’, as outlined by the lockdown regulations.

We can however continue the work we do on patients presenting with Physical, Emotional, or Mental illnesses/conditions as intended by our company ethos.


What have we done to ensure your safety?
  • Thanks to the help from Mi Dental, we have installed extra NHS grade hand sanitisers and hand wash throughout the building, including both the front and back door entrances.
  • Our Plinth Medical Couch in the clinic has had all 3 sections of padding replaced to ensure it does not have even a micro tear in the upholstery, as we are no longer able to use couch covers.
  • We have upgraded our IASTM/Gua Sha tools to Surgical Stainless Steel as used in biomedical applications, meaning they can withstand higher levels of heat/sanitisation.
  • We have implemented a thorough pre-appointment checklist which MUST be completed prior to a booking being carried out.
  • We have a new infrared body and environment heat gun, meaning we will remotely take the temperatures of everyone entering the clinic which will be added to the patient Covid-19 symptoms checklist. This also means we can monitor and record the temperature of our sterilisation procedures adding to the effectiveness.
  • Staff will be wearing face masks in conjunction to face shields. *All patients will be requested to wear a face mask also.
  • We have purchased all new white linen which will be used once only prior to professional cleaning and sterilisation. *All patients will be asked to bring their own towels etc also.
  • We will continue to use disposable face hole covers which we brought in just before lockdown.
  • Our clinic and waiting areas have been stripped of anything un-necessary and chairs have been spaced apart more than 2 meters.
  • We have installed top of the range door handles which use silver ions to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact.
  • Our booking system has been altered so an automatic gap of between 45-60 minutes is left between appointments to ensure the clinic, our tools, the couch, the waiting area, and indeed ourselves are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised ready for the next treatment.
  • We have revised our cancelation policy for Covid-19 related symptoms which allows either party to cancel with minimal notice.


It will come as no surprise to you that the cost of implementing all this has been, and will be, astronomical. Our supplies have in some cases tripled, especially the high-quality sanitisation and medical equipment we use for procedures. This, in conjunction with the limited services we are able to offer, and the extensive gaps we are leaving between treatments has meant we have had to re-evaluate our treatment structures.

Moving forward, all our ‘fixing’ treatments will last a maximum of 45 minutes, in conjunction with our improved *diagnosis procedure.

After lots of deliberation we felt this was the best option as opposed to keeping them 60 minutes and having to charge an absolute arm and a leg!

Our non-fixing, or non-essential treatments (we know they are essential!) will still come in 30- and 60-minutes slots, however the 90- and 120-minute options have now gone. This allows more time for other people to book in.

We have increased the 30-minute treatments to £30, and the 60-minute treatments to £49 respectively.

We will also be temporarily removing our packs for evaluation, but also to allow others to book in where they might not have been in the past.

As well as this PW Therapy has revoked all sponsorship deals with our athletes for the foreseeable future.

This was a costly decision to make especially in advertisement revenue, but allows us more time to see the people most in need of treatments.

We know the price increments are not huge, and are still below average for Milton Keynes, but nevertheless will make a massive difference to us, and ultimately will be the difference between us being there for you, or not in the future.

*Our new diagnosis procedure will be mandatory for all new patients and is part of the extended new patient consultation and treatment process. 

Existing clients will also be required to complete the newer diagnoses process to ensure they are receiving the best possible help from us.

Note: The adjustments in time will not affect those who have already purchased packs.


So, when can we book in!?

As we share a building with another business, and we are still awaiting crucial deliveries, this limits us to what we can promise.

What we will do to play it safe is open our July bookings on Friday 5th June at 12pm. However, we will extend this to June as soon as we are ready to open in June.

There really isn’t any point taking June bookings which will all need cancelling, and we certainly are not rushing to open without ensuring we are doing it correctly.


What’s next?

Everyone who wishes to book in MUST complete the Covid-19 Consent form as well as the Pre-Health Screening checklist.

Both of these forms are attached to this blog (on the web version….yet another technical issue grrr!) and can easily be completed on majority of laptops/tablets etc and emailed to us at info@pw-therapy.com

Alternatively, they can be printed, completed, and a scan/photo can be sent to us using the same email address.

(if you are unable to download or access the forms please email us and we will send them to you directly)


We look forward to seeing you all again,

Philip Wheeler


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