Coronavirus Update

By Philip Wheeler

(Please note this statement is subject to change as we continue to receive updates and developments but are correct as of 18/3/2020)


As the Corona situation develops, we want to assure you that PW Therapy operate under strict hygiene and safety codes as standard, and that we are taking all necessary precautions to protect the safety of our practitioners and patients.

This includes additional routine disinfection of surfaces and equipment, hand sanitiser provision for staff and clients, thorough hand washing after every point of contact and the highest possible hygiene standards carried out by all practitioners.

We will maintain using fresh couch roll for every new appointment, as well as disposable face cradle covers, however If you wish to bring your own towels or blankets, please do so.

We have been trained (and undergo continuous training) in the highest standards of cross-infection control. We operate universal precautions (now called standard precautions), meaning that we assume that all patients have everything, and our disinfection routines reflect that. HIV, hepatitis, seasonal flu, CJD (sometimes referred to as ‘mad cow disease’), are just a few that we have been dealing with long before coronavirus. Our practice might be one of the safest places you could find, and we provide hand sanitising stations in every room where you might spend any significant time, as well as in and out of the premises.


  • We have made some simple changes as extra precautions, including:
  • Removal of all reading materials in the waiting area and clinic
  • Removal of children’s toys in our waiting area
  • We will no longer be offering refreshments such as tea and water, but please feel free to bring a bottle with you
  • We will not be offering any face or scalp treatments
  • We will be suspending all non-essential bookings which are non-health related
  • We will not be taking cash


We ask you to use hand sanitiser before your treatment which is located in the waiting room, as well as in the clinic itself. 

Please follow NHS and government guidelines if you’re feeling unwell before your appointment and if you are going to cancel please do so with as much notice as possible so your allocated slot can be offered to another needing patient.

Please use the app or online platform where to possible to speed this up.

Our 24hour cancelation policy will cease until further notice.

We do not currently know when, or for how long we will be in isolation. Therefore, spending weeks or even months (let’s hope not!) in pain is not going to be fun. It’s for this reason we suggest making time to book in now to iron out any niggles before it’s too late. To ensure all our patients get the treatments they need including our ‘Immunity Booster’ we will now be operating 7 days a week on an appointment only basis.  

We have a duty of care to you and to ourselves and we care very much about creating a safe and caring clinic. We will continue to evaluate the risks and communicate with you.

We maintain full client confidentiality in all sessions regardless, but we have a duty of care to report anyone who has disclosed to us that they feel themselves, or someone in their home/work have symptoms. This is to protect both our therapists and clients.

In the event that any of our staff personally become ill, or come into contact with someone who is diagnosed, then the clinic will cease to operate immediately. In this instance contact will be made across all social media platforms, as well as via email and text to anyone that is booked in.

Please remember we are a small, independent clinic. On a busy day, when we are processing a high volume of short appointments you will come across maybe 2-3 people. You will be in close proximity to only 1 person which is me!

You will have more social contact walking up the High Street.

Stay active, hydrated, positive, and why not try some Qi Gong!

Here’s a link to Peter Deadman’s sequence for strengthening the lungs. This is something we can all do daily to optimise health!



PW Therapy are proud members of:

British Acupuncture Federation – Total Therapy Association – Sports Therapy Association –

Independent Professional Therapists International – Balens


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