Dan Cheung

By Philip Wheeler

As with competing in any sport, performance needs to be at its peak as much as possible. As a Muay Thai fighter my body needs to be as limber as possible whilst maintaining strength and power. Training the art of eight limbs, all the power comes from the correct body mechanics, failing to maintain loose hip flexors can result in a huge decrease in power kicks, this (something) can also be transferred over to other sports.

I’ve been working with Philip for a while now to maintain loose muscles to ensure peak performance – training six days a week – and he’s doing an amazing job! Before seeing Philip, I was looking for people to help fix me, since seeing Philip I have realised it’s all about staying fixed and not breaking! Whilst mixing up his techniques to maximise efficiency on that massage table he’s my definitely the most rated practitioner I’ve come across!


Dan Cheung AKA ‘The Chinese Lion’

Profession Muay Thai Fighter


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