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Is there a female therapist?

Philip is the owner of PW Therapy and currently the only therapist available. He does have just over 16 years experience and maintains a high level of professionalism at all time. There are plans in the future the recruit more staff but as you can imagine this is very tricky given the service Philip offers is extremely unique.

Cupping looks painful, does it hurt?

Philip once cupped a 9 year old girl and whislt the cups were on she said 'It feels like im being hugged by a warm glass octopus' So in short, the answer is no it does not hurt. As with everything, we all have varying levels of perceived pain. What might be a 2/10 for one person may be a 8/10 for another. With cupping its the unknown which worries people. Please feel free to read through the Facebook reviews to see how cupping has helped many people.

Will you crack my back?

Philip is trained and insured to perform Grade 5 HVTs meaning he can perform manipulations if required. As many of his regulars will know he prefers to get to the root cause of the issues rather than treating the symptom. All treatment plans will be discussed prior and during as and when things occur. No techniques of any kind will be performed with prior discussion or consent.

How long do packs last?

Packs do not have an expiry date. We are not hear to grab as much money from you as possible we are simply here to make a difference.

Can I shower with K-tape on?

YES!! We only use RockTape which is the best kinesiology tape in the world. We advise to keep the tape dry the same day it is applied but after this you can resume normal activities. We also stock RockTape H2O which is especially designed for elite swimmers (and the shower!), as well as their RX tape which is formulated for sensitive skin.

How many sessions will I need?

This is the most common question we get asked daily! Although you have more than likely seen our reviews where people have come in with chronic ongoing conditions and have left feeling fixed in a single session; we do not make any claims or promises this will be the case for everyone. We recommend having a cluster of treatments initially and then a check up or maintenance session to ensure all issue are corrected. We offer great value packs to make this more affordable for everyone.