New Patient Booking – Under 16s

By Test User

Important Information


This is a 60-minute appointment, which has the same features as you would expect from our normal appointments but on a smaller scale.


PLEASE NOTE: An adult/guardian MUST be present throughout the entirety of this appointment. *Under 16s only


What’s included?
The adult who booked this  appointment will receive an email containing our New Patient Consultation Form and  two questionnaires, one of which is our TCM Diagnosis. Depending on the age of the child these forms may not need completing as we will use other diagnosis methods instead.  The more time and precision spent completing these the more accurate we can treat and more time doing so.
Our forms are detailed, however eliminates the need for guesswork, as it gives us a comprehensive overview of your child’s medical history, lifestyle, and any contributing factors which may be causing or aggravating your child’s issue(s) which often gets overlooked.
Once completed these forms need returning to use so we can go through and spend time getting to know you and your child. This can take us up to 3 hours however is included in your session price. It’s at this point we request you send us any other medical letters and scans etc you may have.
Within the first treatment we will have a brief chat and we will share the result of your child’s TCM diagnoses if one was completed. We occasionally like to do a few more test such as Sp02 (oxygen saturation levels), Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, and Temperature. These are all great markers which we can test again at a later date to show improvement. We also have the option to upgrade to a full or partial blood test and the results from our Private Lab will be back within a few days however some tests take longer. If we are addressing a physical injury/issue we will perform the necessary examinations.
The treatment outlay will be discussed and agreed before commencing, and a plan of action moving forward will be discussed.
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