New Patient – Online Consultation

By Philip Wheeler

Our 30-minute online consultation gives you the time needed to ask us anything and get to know what we are like as people.

This online session is perfect for you if:
– You’re are intrigued, but not quite ready to book your first appointment with us
– You have a few questions or concerns you would like to ask
– Or you simply want to meet your therapist prior to booking


The call will be via the secure Zoom network which means you can be in the comfort of your own home, place of work, or anywhere of your choosing.


Once completed you will be eligible to book as an ‘Existing Patient’ on our website if you wish to, however this is not compulsory as many people like the extra time you get with a ‘New Patient’ booking.


Please note this session is not compulsory for new patients, but can be useful if you wish to speak to us prior to booking your first appointment.


*You will require either a laptop/PC, or smartphone/tablet and access to the internet.
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