Ceri Quirk

By Philip Wheeler

I went to see Philip with no real “ailment”.However I, like most people had had a difficult 18 months both emotionally and physically and felt I needed some healing. I knew instantly (based on the very thorough questionnaire) that Philip was going to take the time to understand me. Now I often think he knows me better than I know myself. I went and had acupuncture initially but now I’ve tried cupping and reiki. The effect my visits have on my mental health is immeasurable. I often try to explain to my husband how I feel after our sessions but I can never find the right words. To put it very simply I feel lighter, clearer and all round happier. Philip adapts my treatment on any given visit based on our chat at the start of our appointment. His knowledge and experience seems endless. Philip has developed a one stop shop for mind, body and soul and I am forever grateful to have discovered him.

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