Sasha Malinowski

By Philip Wheeler

I went to see Philip with a dodgy knee as I’m disabled from an illness (encephalitis) I had 35 years ago. OMG!! You would never believe the things he has helped me with. Firstly confidence in myself and eating more healthy. The pains I have had through my body that doctors said were untreatable have practically all gone. Before seeing Philip I also had extremely irregular and unpleasant menstruation however this was rectified along with the other issues I was experiencing. My paralysed right hand has now got loose fingers and a little feeling and I have epilepsy but since seeing Philip my seizures have greatly decreased. In any single month I was having upto 11 seizures per night in bed but for the last 7 months I have not had any Seizures at night. In any single month I was having 23 Seizures in anyone day some were small facial Seizures, tonic Seizures and grand mal Seizures a right mixture but for the last 3 months I’m having small facial Seizures only. I can now say I have been seizure free for 5 weeks! Philip is amazing he has given me so much hope. Thank you Philip looking forward to my next appointment.

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